What We Do

We work to fix health care in Massachusetts.

The work of Health Care For All (HCFA) combines policy analysis, information referral, personal and legal advocacy, community organizing and public education.

  • Our HelpLine receives calls from people who need help navigating our health care system. We have our ear to the ground on the most pressing challenges consumers face.
  • We form or are part of coalitions to help address the concerns we hear from consumers on our HelpLine every day. And our coalitions have had great success.  We take action.  For example, our broad-based health care access and reform coalition, the ACT!! Coalition, helped pass the historic health reform law and is still working with the state to advocate for consumers as we implement the Affordable Care Act.
  • Health Care For All (HCFA) believes that it is critical to have meaningful consumer engagement at all levels of care—from direct patient care to the development and implementation of policies and procedures. Massachusetts Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) are an important vehicle in which patients and family members are working to improve the quality of health care and the care experience. Since 2010, HCFA has provided technical assistance, training and networking opportunities to help strengthen patient and family engagement through hospital PFACs. Read our 2015 annual assessment here.

Massachusetts is a leader for the nation in health reform, but our work is never done. With so many changes coming to our health care system, we know that consumers need a strong advocate. We think our unique blend of direct service, public policy analysis, coalition building, outreach, and organizing positions us well to tackle any challenge.

Learn about our 2017-2018 legislative priorities.

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