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Home Sweet Medical Home

A "Patient-Centered Medical Home" (PCMH) is not an institution or nursing home, but a primary care medical practice that offers coordinated, comprehensive care that is personal and focused on the patients' needs. PCMHs have the potential to both improve patient care and reduce costs. By engaging the patient at the center of his or her own care, a medical home can focus on improving overall health and wellness in partnership with the patient. At least that's the theory. But what practically is required of a medical home? Read more »

ACOs are an "opportunity to accelerate progress toward genuine patient-centered care delivery"

Earlier this month, Health Care for All actively contributed to the Health Policy Commission’s public hearing concerning their ACO (Accountable Care Organization) certification standards. ACOs provide coordinated care through their doctors, hospitals and other clinical and non-clinical staff, working together to improve the quality and affordability of care. HCFA representatives Steve Slaten, Valerie Spain, Brian Rosman, Alyssa Vangeli, and Helen Hendrickson testified at the hearing, offering consumer viewpoints on how to strengthen the proposed standards. Read more »

NAMI Mass Releases Results of Survey on Mental Health Attitudes; Calls on Governor-elect to Make Mental Health a Priority in his Administration

[News on an important new survey released by our friends at the Massachusetts chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness]   On November 18, 2014, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, Massachusetts chapter (NAMI Mass) held joint news conferences in Boston and Agawam, releasing the results of its statewide survey on mental health attitudes as well as a five-point proposed plan for making mental health a priority of the Baker administration’s first 100 days. Read more »

Patient Activation = Better Care Experiences

Health care providers, take note: a new study published in Health Affairs reports that patients who are “activated” recount greater satisfaction in their healthcare encounters. Patient activation refers to how empowered a patient feels in managing his or her own health. The article, “When Seeing the Same Physician, Highly Activated Patients Have Better Care Experiences than Less Activated Patients,” details how patient activation promotes heightened patient satisfaction. Previously, some theorized that improvements in patient experience arise because activated patients are more adept at... Read more »
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