Organizing and Leadership Team

Organizing and Leadership Team

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At Health Care For All, we do not simply advocate on behalf of consumers.  We organize for change WITH them.  In 2012, we convened a small, diverse group of consumers from across Massachusetts to learn about their health care concerns and to look for patterns in their stories. Out of this effort we created a small leadership team of activists committed to Health Care For All's mission and goals -- and most importantly, committed to finding new leaders in communities across Massachusetts.

Together, our leaders have hosted house parties, designed Leadership Summits, advocated directly to legislators around our key priorities, including curbing out-of-pocket costs. Below you can find our team’s statement of shared purpose, as well as some of our organizing values.   

Health Care For All remains committed to organizing and structuring a statewide network of consumer leaders. If you are interested in participating in this effort, please contact us at [email protected] or call (617) 275 2982

Our Leadership Team's Statement of Purpose

We are a team of consumer advocates who bring our collective resources and personal experiences relating to healthcare cost and quality (medical, dental, and behavioral health) to advance the mission of Health Care for All. Our goal is to support the creation of an integrated, consumer-centered health care system.

We build consumer capacity to affect policy by bringing individual and collective consumer voices into the healthcare debate. We educate, advocate, and build relationships with all stakeholders.

We seek to strengthen the power of consumers as decision-makers in health care.  

HCFA worked with state legislators on a number of proposals that have been filed as bills for the 2015-16 legislative session. The bills include efforts to make health care affordable, available and high quality. HCFA's legislative efforts include a focus on vulnerable children, on people with chronic disease, and people who use state health insurance programs.  Learn more about our 2015-2016 legislative priorities.